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14 Dec
Taco Bell Conspiracy

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 96 23:00:10 -0800
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Subject: Taco Bell Conspiracy

[Remember, you heard it here first (or second, or...)  -psl]

From: "Anne Marie Merritt" <>

While purchasing a digital watch for my father at Incredulous Universe last
week, I engaged in conversation the 18 year old just - graduated - from -
high - school - clerk.  As we waited patiently for the computer to come back
online and look up my consumer data (Tandy is watching you), our
conversation drifted to the subject of Mexican Food, and then Taco Bell.
I wondered, why is Taco Bell always so busy around 1:30 - 2:30 AM?  I see
10-15 cars wrapped around the drive-thru any time I happen to be out and
about then. (They can't *all* be hungry programmers driving to the 24 hour
grocery store...)  She replied that Taco Bell's hot and mild sauces
effectively mask the odor of alcohol on one's breath, so it is a common
practice in her high school to carry it around on campus and elsewhere when
illicitly indulging in fermented or distilled products (wine, beer and
liquor).  Apparently instructors and other adults don't seem to notice the
odor of alcohol when the student consumes the hot sauce.  And, when
returning home from a night of excess, Taco Bell provides a convenient place
to stock up or consume more just before returning home should supplies run
low in the car.  She mentioned also that it masked other things, such as
marijuana breath.

I've since asked other kids near her age, and they confirmed this practice.
Has anyone else ever heard of this?  Or is this just another urban myth that
seems to have caught on in the local post Gen-X crowd?

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