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17 Dec

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 96 14:49:06 -0800
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From: Frank Wales <>

James Grinter ponders:
>...why has someone registered a domain ''!

Probably for the same reason that someone's registered .

> (any worse entries?)

You had to ask, didn't you?  You just couldn't leave it alone.

As a service to the community, I decided to have a poke about for 'sex' in
the .com domain, just to see how prevalent it is these days.

(I tried other domains, but with only a handful of sex domain names in the
.net and .org domains, clearly the on-line sex bods think that .com is where
the action is.  I also tried other sweary words, but got sufficiently
confused by to give up on that approach.)

There's lots of it about, as they say, even before you get to the letter 'A':		(?)

Now, given that I compiled this list by the simple expedient of grepping
for 'sex' on the list of available .COM domains, there were bound to be some
false hits, such as:

However, some false hits may not be that false:

As for types of sex already registered, for those who want to register their
own speciality, there seem to be few opportunities available now:		

And for those who think that they can't get enough of it:	(I looked at this and thought: "what is 'test sex'?")

(Clearly, there's an opening for, if you're quick.)

Don't forget the equipment:		

Nor the juxtapositions:

Nor the bad language:		(translate, please, Mr Spock)		(huh?)		(well, they can't both be right)

There's stuff that's just too personal:

And stuff for those who disapprove:		(NoseX; isn't that like Vick's or Blistex?)

Stuff that defies classification:

And stuff I don't believe *anyone* will type in at random:

Now, if you've had quite enough of that, thank you very much, please note
that I deleted the 1200 most boring .com domain names with 'sex' in them
before I started this message.  'Sanitised for your protection', as they
say in Germany.

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