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Internet Index #16 - 12/20/96

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Subject: Internet Index #16 - 12/20/96

From: Win Treese <>

                               The Internet Index
                                   Number 16
                         Inspired by "Harper's Index"*
                 Compiled by Win Treese (
                                20 December 1996

Number of state attorneys general working with the US Food and Drug
	Administration to evaluate regulation of fraudulent medical claims
	on the Internet:  39

Number of major corporate Web sites surveyed for e-mail capabilities by
	the Wall Street Journal:  24

Percentage of those sites that never responded:  38

Number of hours in which Reebok attempts to respond to e-mail requests:  24

Cost of an hour of Internet time at Beijing's Internet Cafe, in yuan:  30

Approximate cost of that hour, in dollars:  3.60

Estimated number of Internet users in China at the end of 1996:  100,000

Estimated number of adult Americans who use the Web daily:  9 million

Percentage increase in number of frame relay (wide-area networking technology)
	customers worldwide, from January, 1994, to January, 1996:  900

Percentage of revenue Cisco Systems hopes to be processed online by
	July, 1997:  30

Number of Federal court class-action securities complaints available
	online:  64

Number of Web sites warned by the FTC that they may be operating illegal
	pyramid schemes (approximately):  500

Number of lawsuits filed by the FTC alleging online scams:  15

Number of documents ignored when Alta Vista is asked for the word
	"the":  432,118,690

Amount spent by MCI upgrading the Internet backbone, in millions of
	dollars:  60

Percentage increase in Internet traffic, per month, estimated by MCI:  30

Number of "wanted posters" posted on the Wells Fargo Bank Web site: 11

Number marked "arrested":  2

Advertising revenue on the Web in the third quarter of 1996, in millions
	of dollars:  66

Percentage increase from the second quarter:  43

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