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6 Jan
Psychic wins millions in the lottery... NOT!

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Mon,  6 Jan 97 14:26:00 -0800
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Subject: Psychic wins millions in the lottery... NOT!

[I enjoy the TV commercials where you get to see the behind-the-scenes
 activity at a psychic hotline telemarketer (people obviously faking it).
 It's especially funny because they could have just videotaped their own
 operation; I wonder why they didn't realize everyone will assume that...

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Subject: Didn't they see it coming?

An amusing story in the papers up here in the Great White North, about some
loony psychics' telephone network collapsing, and about 2,000 telephone
psychics all wondering if they were going to get paid.  Some psychics.

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