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8 Jan
Fiddler on the bus?

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Subject: Fiddler on the bus?

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Heard from an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi:

A woman is riding a bus in the midwest, when a man gets on the bus and sits
down next to her.  He's wearing a black hat, long black coat, black slacks
and shoes, and he has a long curly dark beard.

The woman looks at him disgustedly.  "Jews like you," she hisses at him.

He looks up at her, puzzled, and says, "I beg your pardon, madam?"

She says, "Look at you.  All in black, a beard, never take off your hat!
It's Jews like you that give the rest of us a bad name."

He says calmly, "I beg your pardon, madam, but I am not Jewish.  I'm Amish."

The woman looks back and smiles, "How nice.  You've kept your customs."

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