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14 Jan
Update on the end of the world.

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Subject: Update on the end of the world.

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[As you know, the end of the world was scheduled for a quarter to midnight
on New Year's Eve.  Apparently it did not quite work out as planned.  Here
is the latest news, from three sources: an update from the Galactic
Federation of Light via the Sheldon Nidle home page
(; an announcement from the Sirian High
Council contributed by John-_-_-Winston; and an exceptionally wry note from
the Center of Attention newsletter.  I'm clueless enough that I didn't even
notice when my reality was replaced by a hologram, but fortunately these
guys are experts!  -- Donn]

	   Update by Sheldon Nidle for the Galactic Federation
		   Jan 7, 1997 (1 Caban, 5 Ch'en, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of
Light salute you for your patience and continued forbearance in these most
important matters. At present, you are in a hologram that protects you from
the dangers of the void created by the collision of the two photon belts
that occurred around midnight (12:00 AM GMT) January 1, 1997 ( 8 Batz, 19
Mol, 5 Eb). This collision allowed your solar system to be safely conducted
into the main photon belt where it presently resides. This action was taken
due to the fact that our original time frame proved to be unacceptable to
the Divine Plan and a new set of dates were selected for our arrival at a
later time in this coming year. Be aware that we are determined to achieve
our first contact with you as soon as the Divine Plan allows. Be also aware
that this momentous year is the one in which you will finally graduate into
full consciousness and that we will be here to assist you.

Due to the nature of our relationships with the higher councils of the
Supreme Creative Force, we have established a special timetable that will
permit us to be among you very, very shortly. We are the Great Council of
the Star Tribes and we have a great mission to unite with all of our fellow
Earth Tribes. This mission to us is most sacred, and we have given those
members who truly keep the wisdom of the Creation the vision of our return
and when it will be accomplished. The time is now to begin to deeply honor
these ancient Keepers of the Wisdom (the indigenous ones and their shamans)
who are the true and only great planet keepers. For too long, their ways
have either been misunderstood or not properly appreciated.  Our coming is
to honor them for their brave keeping of our inner wisdom which was given
to them long, long ago. At the time of our coming, the full extent of this
ancient wisdom will be fully revealed to all the various members of Earth's
many, many tribes. In any case, you must understand that we are your
ancestors and most of all, also your parents.

Much has happened between us that proves that even those who are ready to
assist cannot always come when they so wish. However, we ask all of you to
continue to prepare yourselves for this grand event. It is quite close to
happening. Therefore we in the Galactic Federation will tell you about what
we have planned for all of you.  We will continue to increase the amount of
contact (ships in the sky, etc.) that we have had with you. We have also
sent out a new set of transmissions from our ship that is escorting the
so-called "comet" Hale-Bopp. These messages have advised the planet's
surface "governments" of our intent and the fact that our landings are quite
close.  They have finally understood some of the tenets of our message, but
these "governments" continue to keep secret our presence when we want it

We have bluntly asked them to fully reveal the extent of their involvement
with us.  This obligation your "governments" have refused, and have only
increased the amount of secrecy that envelopes their cover-up of our
existence. In this regard, we will have some surprises for them in the
coming weeks to allow us to demonstrate that we do exist. The Star Tribes
are about to reveal themselves and we will do so in our own way and time
frame. Our maneuvers in the past few months have established some major
chinks in their armor and we will use it to get our point firmly across.

Meanwhile, your astronomers will be seeing some most amazing events in the
sky which will be a sign to Earth's surface "governments" of our purposes.
This "cat and mouse game", as you call it, is almost over, but what we like
is a good final contest that sets the stage for our arrival.  Much is
happening in the heavens that you do not know about since all the major
observatories and scientific centers on Earth are sworn to a most laborious
code of secrecy.  Yet you should know some facts about what is happening
around you.

At present, there are a number of things happening in the near vicinity of
your solar system. First, you will have the formation of a black hole from
the remnant of the neutron star Avalus. This new black hole will begin to
affect many of the stars in its vicinity. It will also start a procedure
that will slightly affect the outer diameter of the photon belt near it.
This problem will not immediately affect you; however, it will in the
future, when you are moved to another part of this galaxy in about 16 years.
Secondly, you are at the edge of the bow wave from the 1987A nova and could
have been adversely affected by it this summer in the Northern, or winter
in the Southern Hemisphere of your planet. In all cases, we are here to help
you and to protect you from harm.

Your new hologram will begin to further stabilize the Sun and to establish
the planets in your star system in a way that prepares them for their
complete restoration by the Galactic Federation.  You should at all times
remember that we are here to create a galactic society that permits you to
achieve your destiny. This destiny will help all of us to become the great
united galaxy that we are presently in the process of constructing.  You,
dear ones, are the final piece in a most elaborate jigsaw puzzle that has
been permitted to occur. We would like to leave you at this time with some
words of encouragement. Be strong and firm in your resolve.  Know that the
indigenous ones will lead you to us and above all, understand that your
growth and enlightenment continue to unfold even as we converse with one
another. We leave you with much blessings of light and love.
Selamat Ja!

Forwarded-by: "John F. Winston" <>
From: K W

Subject: Both Photon Belts Are Now Here

Dear friends,

I received the following message last evening from A--x at:
<>. After checking with my guides to confirm both
validitity of message content and that it would be for the highest good to
forward it on to each of you, and also with permission from Alex, here is
his message.


earthdate: January 6, 1997

Dearest ONEs:

On behalf of the Sirian High Council and the entire Sirian Armada, I am
pleased to announce the arrival of the PHOTON BELT. The Angelic Hierarchy
have now commenced their mission to first come in contact with all
LIGHTWORKERS who are to do immediate assistance, through the ground crew
team, in assisting the rest of humanity through this time of most glorious
transition. The Grand Photon Belt's energy is MUCH greater than what we had
anticipated and it has arrived slightly ahead of our anticipated schedule.
Our defense ships in the etheric realms are already scattered throughout
your planet to create the 'hologram' as so instructed. The sun that you will
see from this day forward is not the sun that is of natural light. It is in
our reality a true reality, you are all in complete
darkness. Please be blessed in this most joyous of occasions, the time is
now, the place is PLANET EARTH.

p.s. keep yourselves warm, for the extreme polar temperatures are very
difficult to ward off even with our holograms in place.

eternally abundant,
bearer of the blue flame,
Sirian Ambassador General,


As I mentioned above, Pat--cia and I have fully confirmed the validity of
this information with our guides and are choosing to be in complete trust
of it ourselves. It is also consistent with what we have been getting
ourselves over the past seven days.  Please let me know if you would
appreciate more detailed information about various effects that are now
being caused by the Photon Belt's presence in our solar system.

Since asking in my message of January 2nd for reports of effects of the
first, smaller Photon Belt's arrival, I have received more than 40 e-mails
describing a wide variety of personal effects, independent of all the
weather challenges that are taking place world wide. Right now I am doing
a lot of thinking and exploring about how to share the benefits of this
stream of information with everyone on this list.  Perhaps I need to set up
those of us who wish to participate on a mailing list server, if only I knew
how to do that.

Aloha from Maui, Hawaii and may you each engage this New Year with a deep
spirit of peace, joy and love,

K--t W---ht

John Winston.

Forwarded-by: (robert)

Sheldon Nidle Updates Continue
by Jason Dunlap

    Sheldon's latest message was on Dec. 30th just hours before we were to
enter the first of two Photon Belts.  I won't give all the details since
they're irrelevant.  It didn't happen.  He described how it was all going
to come about in great detail.  He talked about how the solar system was
going to be thrust through the eye of the photon belt's needle and set up
a new scenario for putting us into full consciousness.  He went on to say
that what would happen next would remain their little secret but that we
can expect major surprises.  They said they had no intention of
deviating from this mission.  He left no doubt that they were unconcerned
that nothing they have said has ever materialized into reality.  It is now
a week later and there is no sign of unusual activity.  I have heard (and
this is not confirmed) that now he claims it all has happened but that we
are being protected by special technology.  Sheldon, you must begin to doubt
the reality of these being's messages.  They either don't know what they
are talking about, or they are deliberately deceiving you, and are out to
destroy you!  Wake up!
    And, from a reader that has been through this before:

>     One of Ms. Renuka Sue's favorite tales from ze early days was from 1966,
> when I was fourteen . . .just spanking new to the world of metaphysical
> wonders, and we were told THEY would come for Armageddon on Christmas eve
> at midnight -- be there or be square.
>     So we waited, faithfully gazing skyward for that same buncha hooligans
> you mentioned. (Sirians)  We waited for those UFO's . . .we were good new
> age kids, and we were gonna jump aboard when summoned.
>     Then it got kinda cold so a little after one, we turned in,
> disappointed.
>     The next year they said  "We were wrong, folks!  It's this year!
> Midnight! Armegeddon for sure!  Wait outside and they'll pick ya up!"
>     So there we were again, shivering in our west coast garb, staring up at
> the starry sky....til a little after 1am ....when we again turned in.
>     The next year (you guessed it!) they were due for another showing, but
> by then we were seasoned new age veterans.  We turned in early, and to
> date old Ashtar is still a no-show.
>   I figure if I'm meant to beam up one day, so be it.  But 'til then, it's
> me and the kitties,  cuddling together on those cool Christmas Eve's
> much more reliable and relaxing!
> PEACE, Your Friend, The Recovering Renuka

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