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14 Jan
Excerpted: WSJ Review of Ads in 1996

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Subject: Excerpted: WSJ Review of Ads in 1996

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Excerpts from WSJ, ADVERTISING review entitled "A Glance at Madison
Avenue's Best and Worst of 1996":

Ad Campaigns So High-Profile They Made It Into Late-Night TV Comedy

"Coca-Cola's spending a furtune on the Olympics...  Why?  I mean, is there
anybody in the world who hasn't heard of Coca-Cola?"
		-- Jay Leno

"Ford Motor Co. announced a couple of days ago that they're recalling
eight million cars because they burst into flames spontaneously... They
unveiled their new slogan this morning:  'Have you put out a Ford
		-- David Letterman

"Consumer Reports says the Isuzu Troopers tend to fall over when driven
around corners... The Isuzu people said in the advertising that they sell
it as an off-raod vehicle. As soon as you start driving, boom! You're off
the road."
		-- Jay Leno

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