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15 Jan
The Comedian's Eye View of 1-16-97

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Subject: The Comedian's Eye View of 1-16-97

Excerpted-from: 1-16-97- ShopTalk

                           Thursday January 16, 1997

  "That's 30 seconds I don't have to think about...I do an hour a night and
if someone came on and wanted to show a 40-minute clip, I'd shake his hand
and say, 'Go ahead, I don't care.'  During clips, I leave the stage, get a
massage and talk with my family in Boston."

	-- Conan O'Brien in Playboy on whether he feels "used" when guests
	   bring movie clips.


In Business: Banks are reporting outstanding fourth-quarter profits as a
result of mergers and downsizing.  "Some banks even talk of funneling
profits back into service," Jerry Perisho says.  "There will be new fillers
in pens at the counter, heat for one hour each day in the winter and when
50 people are in line, they'll open a second teller window."

Disney CEO Michael Eisner signed a new 10-year contract guaranteeing
$750,000 a year plus stock options of 8 million shares.  "For an additional
$250,000 cash, he was willing to take box seats for Angels home games."

Politics as Usual: In his testimony, OJ Simpson admitted adultery, but said
he doesn't consider that lying.  "Both political parties took note," Argus
Hamilton says.

Johnnie Cochran's TV show, "Cochran & Grace" premiered this week.  They
discussed the Supreme Court hearings as to whether Paula Jones' sexual
harassment suit against President Clinton can be heard while he is in
office.  "Cochran claimed Jones was planted in Clinton's hotel room by Mark
Fuhrman." (Cutler Daily Scoop)

"Justice Clarence Thomas kept asking the plaintiff's lawyer what all the
fuss was about." (Bob Mills)

In the News: Simpson has returned to the witness stand.  "His latest defense
posture is that he's never owned any DNA." Alan Ray says.

Royal advisors are looking for a way to boost the image of Prince Charles.
"They're currently looking for charisma donors who match his blood type,"
says Premiere Morning Sickness.

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