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16 Jan

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 97 13:53:02 -0800
To: Fun_People
Subject: Multi-Lingual...

Forwarded-by: Brian Smith <>
Forwarded-by: Karen Downing <>
<fwds moving to another school district>


Afro-American Speak -- Ebonics ("Ebony" + "Phonics")

Irish-American Speak -- Leprechaunics

Native-American Speak -- Kimosabics

Italo-American Speak -- Spumonics (or Rigatonics)

Chinese-American Speak -- Won-tonics

Japanese-American Speak -- Mama-san-ics

Polish-American Speak -- Kielbasanics

Jewish-American Speak -- Zionics (or Hebonics)

Russian-American Speak -- Rasputonics

Spanish-American Speak -- Flan-ics

Scottish-American Speak -- Tartan-ics

Eskimo-American Speak -- Harpoonics

German-American Speak -- Autobahnics (or Teutonics)

French-American Speak -- Cornichonics (or Escargonics)

Oakland-School-Board Speak -- Moronics>>

[Not to mention...

Computer Techno-babble -- Geekonics

Oscilloscope Speak -- Tektronics

Prostitute Pickup Speak -- Hookonics

Failed Pickup Speak -- Platonics

Minerologist Jargon -- Onyxonics

NW Basketball Speak -- Sonics

Political Satirist Speak - Sardonics

Chess Speak - Pawnics

Underwater Chess Speak -- Hydropawnics

Salad Dressing Lingo -- Balsamics

Mixologist Speak -- Gintonics

This is fun!
If you think of more, send them to me ( and I'll
post a compilation once there are enough "good" ones... -psl]

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