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16 Jan
From the "way too much free time" file...

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Subject: From the "way too much free time" file...

[Is it the "way too much free time" file or perhaps the "too few nutrients  
during brain formation" file?  -psl]

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[This hasn't been confirmed by other sources, so there's still hope...]

Wednesday, January 15, 1997 6:43 am EST

KINGSVILLE, Texas (AP) -- Most people consider "hello" a friendly
greeting.  Leonso Canales sees something a little more sinister in the

"I see `hell' in hello. It's disguised by the `o', but once you see it,
it will slap you in the face," said Canales, a 56-year-old flea market

For three years Canales has led a campaign to take the "hell" out of
"hello" and replace it with "heaven."

In a unanimous resolution Tuesday, Kleberg County commissioners adopted
Canales' suggestion and made "heaveno" the official courthouse greeting.

Commissioners in this town 130 miles southeast of San Antonio embraced
the new greeting as a "symbol of peace, friendship and welcome" in the
current "age of anxiety."

"This is really great for us and I'll continue to work on this new,
universal positive greeting," Canales said.

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