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22 Jan
Age of Aquarius

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 97 15:28:41 -0800
To: Fun_People
Subject: Age of Aquarius

From: (Kerry E. Parker)

> So, it starts come I had to read about it in the Chronicle
> and not here in Fun_People first?  FYI global meditation begins at 9:30 am
> PST to usher in that for which we have been waiting lo these many
> years...ever since "Hair" brought it to our attention.
> Yours in harmony and harmonic convergence and all that nuage jazz,
> Kerry

[Peter replies:
    Er, um, ... well, ... the staff here at Fun_Central were just about to  
let everybody know, but first we had one or two other things with global  
psychic importance that we had to do... now, let's see, should we sort the  
cassettes by artist's last name, or ... Oh, are you still here?
    Okay, so you need the Fun_People slant on that stuff about the Age of  
Aquarius starting?  Umm... well, ... let's see ... okay, here it is: "nuage"  
is really a French word that means "cloud" and is pronounced "new-ahzh" but  
what Kerry really meant was "newage," which isn't French at all and is  
pronounced "new-idge" to rhyme with sewage.
    Oh, and one more thing; your loyal staff here at Fun_Central is an  
Aquarius, and, as a matter of fact, tomorrow is the staff's birthday.  What a  
coincidence!  Send money, thanks.

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