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23 Jan
Rumored Easter Egg O' The Day

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Subject: Rumored Easter Egg O' The Day

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Follow the steps below if u are using win95, it's real.

 1. Open Excel for Windows 95 with a blank worksheet
 2. Scroll down to row 95
 3. Click on the number 95 to select the whole row.
 4. Press Tab once to move to column B
 5. Select Help/About
 6. Hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift and click on the Tech Support button
 7. A window labeled Hall of Tortured Souls appears
 8. Directly ahead of you are stairs with a scrolling cast list -- go
    up and take a look around - use cursor keys
 9. But there's more ! Go back down the stairs and type "excelkfa" (no
10. The wall diappears, and there's a winding path to navigate to see
    pictures. Tread carefully!

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