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24 Jan
The Power of Prayer

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A man decided that it was time to teach his son how to say prayers, so he
spent a few nights teaching his son the basics.  As a final touch, the
father instructed him that after he was done with the prayers each night,
he was to choose someone special and ask for God's blessing for that person.

Well, little kids don't always realize that their pets aren't people, so
the first night the little boy said his prayers, he ended with "And God,
please bless my puppy."  The guy thought that it was pretty cute.  However,
the next morning the little dog ran out the door and was killed by a car.

That night the little kid asked God to bless his cat when the prayers were
finished.  And, sure enough, the next morning the cat slipped out and took
on the biggest dog in the neighborhood and became breakfast.  The father
wondered about a connection, but decided that it was just coincidence.

But when the kid asked God to bless his goldfish, the father couldn't wait
for morning so that he could check up on it.  As soon as he looked in the
bowl, he saw the fish floating upside down on the top.

That night the little kid ended with "God, please give an extra special
blessing to my father."  The father couldn't sleep.  He couldn't eat
breakfast in the morning.  He was afraid to drive to work.  He couldn't get
any work done because he was petrified.  Finally quitting time came and he
walked home, expecting to drop dead any minute.

When he arrived home, the house was a mess.  His wife was lying on the couch
smoking a cigarette, still dressed in her robe.  The dishes from breakfast
were still on the table and the father was furious.  He started yelling,
saying that he had had the worst day of his life and she hadn't even gotten
dressed.  She looked at him and said, "Shut up!  My day was worse.  The
mailman had a heart attack on our front porch!"

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