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12 Feb
Re: ISP Connection Fees -- Tomorrow's A Deadline...

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: Re: ISP Connection Fees -- Tomorrow's A Deadline...

[Mark James wrote to me pointing out that the previous message about the FCC  
proposals failed to give important information about the reqirements for  
submitting comments.  It's even possible that somewhere along the line  
someone removed that information in an effort to keep people's comments from  
being heard.  If you sent a comment, please read below and then resubmit your  
comment.  If you didn't send a comment, well, read below and then consider  
reconsidering...   -psl]

From: Mark James <>

Two access and fee proposals for internet use are on the FCC docket. Time
is running out to make comments heard. Here's the straight poop from the
FCC <>. Please consider framing a response to
either or both of these. Note that the comment periods have almost expired,
and that you *must* include certain information in the subject line and the
body of your posts.

------------Begin forwarded material

Access Charge Reform NPRM (CC Docket No. 96-262)

In this proceeding, the FCC seeks to reform its system of interstate access
charges to make that system compatible with the pro-competitive deregulatory
framework established by the Telecommunications Act of 1996.  The NPRM
includes several proposals for reform of the Commission's existing access
charge rate level policies. The Commission outlines two possible approaches
for addressing claims that existing access charge levels are excessive, for
establishing a transition to access charges that more closely reflect
economic costs, and for deregulating incumbent LEC exchange access services
as competition develops in the local exchange and exchange access markets.

Comment Date: January 27, 1997
Reply Comment Date: February 13, 1997
Comments To:

Comments on the Access Charge Reform NPRM (FCC 96-488) are now available
for downloading. 1/31/97


Internet Access & Information Service Provider NOI (CC Docket No. 96-263)

The NOI seeks comment on whether the FCC should, in addition to access
charge reform, consider actions relating to the implications of information
service and Internet access provider usage of the public switched network.
In particular, in light of concerns raised over congestion on the public
switched network, the Commission seeks comment on how it can most
effectively create incentives for the deployment of services and facilities
to allow more efficient transport of data traffic to and from end users.
The Commission made no specific proposals, but tentatively concluded that
providers of information services (including Internet service providers)
should not be subject to the interstate access charges that local telephone
companies currently assess on long-distance carriers.

Comment Date: February 21, 1997
Reply Comment Date: March 24, 1997
Comments to:


Filing Comments

Parties that wish to file formal comments in these proceedings should follow
the procedures set forth in the NPRM and NOI. General information on filing
comments with the FCC is also available.

You may also file informal comments electronically via e-mail to for the Access Reform NPRM (CC Docket No. 96-262) and for the Internet Access & Information Service Provider NOI (CC
Docket No. 96-263).

Only one copy of electronically-filed comments must be submitted. You must
put the docket number of the proceeding in the subject line, and you also
must note in the subject line if an electronic submission is an exact copy
of formal comments. You also must include your full name and Postal Service
mailing address in your submission.

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