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24 Feb
The Comedian's Eye View of 02/25/97

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Subject: The Comedian's Eye View of 02/25/97

Excerpted-from: 02/25/97 -- ShopTalk

                     Tuesday February 25, 1997

     "A dramatization of Holocaust events SHOULD be offensive,
      shouldn't it?  NBC should be proud to present it completely
      unedited.  Who would complain? And if someone did, how would
      the letter read? 'Dear NBC: For my children's sake, couldn't
      you have made the Holocaust easier to watch?'"

                                  Film critic, Gene Siskel


In the News: There are signs that Martha Stewart's line of merchandise is
coming to Kmart. Says Ann Licater, "The store will double your coupons if
they are decoupaged, employees will be required to knit their own blue
smocks, and the baby changing table in the restroom doubles as an herb

A study found that 77% of parents with kids 8 to 12 say families don't spend
enough time talking about relationships and sex.  "That's why there will
soon be a coloring book version of 'The Rules,'" says the Cutler Daily

A group of Long Island homemakers is accused of smuggling drugs between the
US, Europe and South America.  "Authorities grew suspicious when the moms
kept diverting their carpools through Bogota," says Alex Pearlstein.

"Drug-sniffing dogs discovered the contraband stuffed in Avon lady sample
cases." (Bob Mills)

"Police caught on when their Tupperware parties were hosted by Courtney
Love, Robert Downey Jr. and Keith Richards." (Alex Kaseberg)

World of Sports: Heavyweight boxer Riddick Bowe left the Marines after only
a few days.  Says Mills, "He decided to call it quits after Don King failed
to negotiate a deal guaranteeing him $10 million a war."

"Bowe's new slogan: 'Semper why?'" (Russ Myers)

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