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25 Feb
Keptin! A submarine!

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Subject: Keptin!  A submarine!

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This was in my morning Mercury News summary.  Although not an interesting
WWW page, per se, the story engenders a number of bizarre images.   Here it
is for you to enjoy, too.

Bosses at what was once a high-tech Soviet defense plant have been paying
workers with handouts of the firm's new post-Cold War products -- including
rubber sex aids. Employees at the Akhtuba factory in Volgograd, who have
had no wages for over a year, are not satisfied with being paid in dildos
and are now on the brink of revolt, the Moscow Times said.  "We're on the
verge of a strike to end this insulting situation," the chief shop steward
said. The plant had previously made high-precision marine navigation
instruments. For the full text story, see:

Image #1:
  Aboard the new Russian guided missile cruiser "Steeli Danov":
  "Keptain!  A submarine!"
  "2000 meters, bearing one-one-oh-oh-oh-OH-oooOOOOH!"

Image #2:
  Workers standing arm in arm outside the factory, singing "Take this job
  and shove it"

Image #3:
  "Honey, I'm home!  And guess what?  I got a raise!"
  "Those bastards -- are they trying to kill me?"

Image #4
   "I'm sorry, that isn't what we need to open a 'layaway' account."

It goes downhill more quickly from here.

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