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5 Mar
Bay Area Native Quiz

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: Bay Area Native Quiz

[Cute, but tough.  I lived in Marin (a few years ago) but several of these
questions made no sense at all to me...  Good luck!  -psl]

Forwarded-by: Lani Herrmann <>
Forwarded-by: rude@leland.Stanford.EDU (rudy busto)


1) Complete the following phrase:
        Dublin, Berkeley, San Lorenzo, Cupertino, __________

2) Name the five bridges that cross San Francisco Bay.
        Extra credit:  put them in order from north to south.
        Extra extra credit:  explain how to get across the Golden Gate
                Bridge during rush hour in less than an hour.

3) Complete the following phrase:  2400 Mission, top of the hill, _______

4) You're at a San Francisco Spiders hockey game at the Cow Palace.
   (True: a team called "the Spiders" used to play at a place called "the
   Cow Palace."  Go figure.)  A woman comes out to sing the Star Spangled
   Banner wearing a huge hat with a model of the entire financial district,
   including the TransAmerica building, on top of it.
   Your response is:
	a) "Hey, look at that idiot wearing the dorky hat!"
	b) "Is this an Agnews field trip?"
	c) "Hey, Beach Blanket Babylon!"
	d) "Hey, Crazy George!"
	e) "Nice lid."

5) What does a dog do when you say 'KOFY?'

6) Which of the following is your typical response to an earthquake?
     a) "Earthquake!  We're all gonna die!"
     b) "Earthquake!  Great!  Now I don't have to go to class."
     c) "Earthquake?  We had an earthquake today?  I didn't feel it."

7) Match up the following people with the phrases/shows they're associated
        a) Bob Wilkins                  1) Baghdad-by-the-Bay
        b) Pat McCormick                2) Creature Feature
        c) Herb Caen                    3) Sacratomato
        d) Dr. Donald D. Rose           4) Dialing for Dollars

8) If someone asked you how to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles,
   what would be your response?
	a) Get onto 101 south and take it all the way.
	b) Take 80 east to 580 east to 5 south, then take it all the way.
	c) Los Angeles?  Why do you want to go to Los Angeles?

9) Which of the following is NOT, repeat NOT, a valid name for a Bay Area
   sports stadium, and I don't care how much money they paid?
	a) Oakland Coliseum
	b) San Jose Arena
	c) Candlestick Park
	d) 3Com Park

10) The word "Frisco" is:
	a) A cute little nickname for that city we also know as
	   "San Francisco."
	b) A really annoying shortening of "San Francisco," no doubt
	   started by Southern Californians who can't say words
	   longer than two syllables.
	c) The result of a satanic plot.
	d) Beats me.  Never heard the word before in my life.

11) The little man is on the edge of the chair, clapping wildly; the little
    man is sitting in the chair and clapping;  the little man is sitting in
    the chair and leaning forward;  the little man is asleep in the chair;
    and the chair is empty.  What did I just describe?

12) In referring to a general region of the Bay Area, which of the following
    terms is never used?  What is that area called instead?
        a) Marin
        b) West Bay
        c) East Bay
        d) South Bay

13) BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is not in fact rapid transit for the
    entire Bay Area.  For instance, it doesn't run to Milpitas (but can you
    blame them?)  Which of the following is another city that BART doesn't
    currently serve?
        a) Richmond
        b) Fremont
        c) Daly City
        d) San Jose

14) Which of the following would you be likely to see people wearing at Bay
    to Breakers?
        a) running shorts
        b) an Elvis costume
        c) a fancy ball gown
        d) a fancy ball gown worn by a male
        e) nothing
        f) all of the above

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