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5 Mar
QOTD - Lapham explains Bork

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By substituting dogma and abstraction for coherent narrative and historical
fact, the judge [Robert H. Bork] can imagine the wreck of American
civilization, that once noble work of Christian conscience, having been
caused by a small band of traitorous intellectuals who, on or about the same
day that the Beatles first showed up in America, bludgeoned the security
guards surrounding the nations top disc jockeys, gained access to the
control booths, destroyed the Perry Como records, and broadcast "All You
Need Is Love" to thirty million teenagers, all of them ripe with sexual
yearning, who heard the song on their portable radios and so began to dance,
naked and tumescent and unashamed, on the grave of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

	-- Lewis H. Lapham in Harper's (December 1996), commenting
	   on Robert Bork's odd view of American history.

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