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10 Mar
Answers to the Bay Area Native Quiz

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 97 19:39:33 -0800
To: Fun_People
Subject: Answers to the Bay Area Native Quiz

[Here are the answers culled from those suggested by several helpful  
Fun_People.  Thanks to Karen A. Skanderson, Mark James, Stephen Nelson,  
Charles Branch, & Cindy Fressola.  -psl]

  1) Complete the following phrase:
  	Dublin, Berkeley, San Lorenzo, Cupertino, __________

===	San Jose - it's the jingle from a camera store. named "Denevi."
===		Dublin, Berkeley, San Lorenzo, Cupertino, San Jose  ...

  2) Name the five bridges that cross San Francisco Bay.
  	Extra credit:  put them in order from north to south.

===	Bay Bridge, Richmond/San Rafael, Golden Gate, San Mateo ???

===	Most people forget the Vallejo/Carcinas bridge

===	Re question #2.  There are only four bridges that cross San
===	Francisco Bay (from North to South - Golden Gate, Bay, San Mateo
===	and Dumbarton).  I assume the fifth bridge referred to is the
===	Richmond-San Rafael Bridge - which crosses San Pablo Bay.)

===	There are only four bridges across San Francisco Bay: (from north to
===	south) the two spans of the Bay Bridge, San Mateo Bridge, Dumbarton
===	Bridge and an unnamed railroad tressle.  Or are you trying to be
===	EXTREMELY cute by calling the two spans of the Bay Bridge separate
===	bridges? Other local bridges are Benicia Bridge (highway) and Benicia
===	Bridge (railroad) across Suisun Bay, Carquinez Bridge across Carquinez
===	Straits, Richardson Bay Bridge across Richardson Bay, Richmond-San
===	Rafael Bridge across San Pablo Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge across
===	the Golden Gate.

[It sounds like we don't have complete agreement over the boundaries of the  
San Fransisco Bay, huh?   -psl]

  	Extra extra credit:  explain how to get across the Golden Gate
  		Bridge during rush hour in less than an hour.
===	Walk across

[Some people claim this question is unfair because it discriminates against  
Californians...  -psl]

  3) Complete the following phrase:  2400 Mission, top of the hill, _____

===	Daly City. Another commercial jingle (but nobody remembers what for)

  4) You're at a San Francisco Spiders hockey game at the Cow Palace.  A woman
  	comes out to sing the Star Spangled Banner wearing a huge hat with
  	a model of the entire financial district, including the TransAmerica
  	building, on top of it.  Your response is:

===	c) "Hey, Beach Blanket Babylon!" Steve Silver's masterpeice

  5) What does a dog do when you say 'KOFY?'

===	It barks. It's KOFY tv's station id. They show someone's dog with its
===	name, announce the station and it barks.

  6) Which of the following is your typical response to an earthquake?

===	c) "Earthquake?  We had an earthquake today?  I didn't feel it."
===	   (especially up here in the North Bay)

  7) Match up the following people with the phrases/shows they're associated

===	a) Bob Wilkins - Creature Feature
===	b) Pat McCormick - Dialing for Dollars
===	c) Herb Caen - Baghdad by the Bay
===	d) Dr. Donald D. Rose -  Sacratomato

===	Watched a&b for years, still mourning the loss of c, and DD Rose was
===	the most annoying DJ on the planet in the late 70s early 80s.

  8) If someone asked you how to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles,

===	a) Get onto 101 south and take it all the way.
===	b) Take 80 east to 580 east to 5 south, then take it all the way.
===	c) Los Angeles?  Why do you want to go to Los Angeles?

  9) Which of the following is NOT, repeat NOT, a valid name for a Bay Area
  	sports stadium, and I don't care how much money they paid?

===	d) 3Com Park
===	As a 49er season ticket holder, I refuse to utter the phrase. Will is
===	soon become 3Com/US Robotics park?  I can see the new logo now, a
===	football playing robot - ACK!!!

===	d) OF COURSE. I was absolutely APPALLED to hear that name when I moved
===	back here two years ago.  I may not be a sports fan, but I know right
===	from wrong.

  10) The word "Frisco" is:

===	b) A really annoying shortening of "San Francisco," no doubt
===	   started by Southern Californians who can't say words
===	   longer than two syllables.

===	b)   This probably shows me up as a transplant, if none of my other
===	answers did.

===	d) Beats me.  Never heard the word before in my life.
	[Denial, my favorite...  -psl]

===	Frisco is the name of a hamlet north of Plano, Texas. The Frisco
===	Wildcats play fu'ba'' every Friday night during the Fall in 3Com Park
===	at the corner of 1st and Armadillo.  No other occurrances of the names
===	"Frisco" or "3Com Park" are recognized.  Please go away.

  11) The little man is on the edge of the chair, clapping wildly; ...

===	The Examiner Pink Section movie reviewer.

===	MOVIE REVIEWS IN THE PINK SECTION (of the SF Chronicle, of course).

[Oops!  -psl]

  12) In referring to a general region of the Bay Area, which of the
  	following terms is never used?  What is that area called instead?

===	b) West Bay
===	I believe you'd be in the ocean..


  13) ... Which ... is another city that BART doesn't currently serve?

===	d) San Jose

  14) Which of the following would you be likely to see people wearing at
  	Bay to Breakers?
  	a) running shorts
  	b) an Elvis costume
  	c) a fancy ball gown
  	d) a fancy ball gown worn by a male
  	e) nothing
  	f) all of the above

===	As a regular participant, I'd have to go with F. My personal fave is
===	the group of people who dress as salmon every year and run the race
===	from finish to start.


[For those keeping score, I had no idea about #1, #3, #5, and part of #7...
when I lived in the Bay Area I just listened to public radio but I did see
a lot of movies (#11) -psl]

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