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10 Mar
LaVern Baker Died Today

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 97 23:11:12 -0800
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Subject: LaVern Baker Died Today

From: Jef Jaisun <>

>Subject: LaVern Baker has died
>Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 20:50:49 -0700
>Thought you all would want to know that LaVern Baker died this morning.
>Mary Katherine

At Irma Thomases birthday party in New Orleans last month, an older woman
singer got up on stage and talked about how much Irma had inspired her over
the years. Then she launched into an absolute killer version of "Shake A
Hand." Not only was everyone in the place singing along on the chorus, but
every woman in da house was waving at least one hand in time to the music.
It was a truly inspirational moment. I, naturally, thought of LaVern.


Jim Dandy in a submarine
Got a message from a mermaid queen
She was hangin' from a fishin' line
Jim Dandy didn't waste no time
Jim Dandy to the rescue
Go, Jim Dandy!
Go, Jim Dandy!

[Do you remember it?  Here's a little more...  -psl]

Jim Dandy wanted to go to Maine
Got a ticket on a D.C. plane.
Jim Dandy didn't need no suit,
He was hip and ready to boot.
Jim Dandy to the rescue.
Go, Jim Dandy!
Go, Jim Dandy!

Go, go, go, Jim Dandy.  Go, go, go, ...

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