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13 Mar

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Subject: Childbirth

[An old joke in a new disguise... -psl]

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    A man took his pregnant wife to the hospital to deliver the baby.  When
they arrived at the hospital the doctor told them that the hospital had a
new machine that would ease the burden on the wife by transferring some of
the pain of childbirth to the father.  They both thought it would be a good
idea to try the new machine.  The doctor turned the machine on and told the
man that he would only give him 10% of the pain since that would probably
be much more pain than any other pain he had ever endured.
    The man gamely nodded his approval as he clenched his teeth and prepared
for the worst.  The doctor turned the machine to 10% and the man sat there
in amazement, stretched, and yawned.  He had the doctor increase the pain
and eventually 100% of the pain was the father's.  When the childbirth was
over the man stood up and strolled across the floor virtually pain free.
    Within a couple of hours he and his wife went home.  When they arrived
home, they found the twisted form of the mailman, dead on the front porch.

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