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13 Mar
The Comedian's Eye View of 3-14-97

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Subject: The Comedian's Eye View of 3-14-97

Excerpted-from: 3-14-97--ShopTalk

                        Friday March 14, 1997

	"I have to memorize lines, which I've never had to do
	 before. Like, a whole script!  On movies, I can just learn
	 my lines day by day, and I still can't do it.  That's my
	 biggest drawback- aside from being talentless."

		- David Spade, on the biggest difference between doing
		  "Saturday Night Live" and his new sitcom, "Just Shoot Me"


In the News: President Clinton has proposed free TV time for candidates.
"Not good," says Paul Ecker.  "This could mean Sonny Bono back on television."

After flooding, life is slowly returning to normal on the Ohio River.
"Resorts are reporting they have rooms available," says the Olympia Daily
World.  "However, some assembly is required."

Stargazers can view the Hale-Bopp comet in the night sky with the naked eye.
Says Jerry Perisho, "For those who have not seen it, just picture Halley's
Comet but without the excitement."

Scrutiny of the feud between East and West Coast rappers continues.  "It
all started over the usual," said the Cutler Daily Scoop: "Who controls
what, who insulted whom, whether the theories of Kierkegaard still have

Kellogg has introduced its new Cocoa Frosted Flakes.  "The new cereal
contains sugar frosted flakes with the added kick of chocolate, and printed
on each box are instructions on how to coax your kids down from the
ceiling."  (Bob Mills)

Sporting Scene: The NBA's Dennis Rodman's announcement that he will try
professional wrestling has caused a stir.  "I hope that sport doesn't turn
him into some weird spectacle," says Rudolph J. Cecera.

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