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17 Mar
American Airlines Policies on Sexual Orientation

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Subject: American Airlines Policies on Sexual Orientation

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Sorry for this lengthy message -- but it is critical and timely.

An unusual joint letter was released to the media today from the Family
Research Council, Concerned Women for America, American Family Association
and Coral Ridge Ministries.  Radical right leader Beverly LaHaye also went
on Christian "talk radio" today to blast American Airlines because
"American's sponsorship of homosexual 'pride' events constitutes an open
endorsement of promiscuous homosexuality."  She and the others have written
Bob Crandall at American to complain that the airline has "gone beyond mere
tolerance" for gays and lesbians.  [The full article appears in today's Fort
Worth Star-Telegram, and possibly picked up by other newspapers around the

American Airlines is in truth a major sponsor to and supporter of groups
like GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign, the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund,
AIDS Action Foundation, DIFFA, AmFAR, and scores of community-based groups
representing gays and lesbians.  It is also the first airline to adopt a
written non-discrimination policy covering sexual orientation in its
employment practices, and it is well represented by the leadership of its
gay and lesbian employee group, GLEAM.  For these pioneering efforts, and
its marketing and sales outreach to the gay and lesbian traveler, American
has become the next bulls'eye for hard-hitting, anti-gay corporate attacks.

THE RESULT: American's switchboard and e-mails are being bombarded now by
homophobic and hateful callers who have been urged by LaHaye and others to
demand the company terminate its gay-friendly policies.

THE NEED:  We need to send our messages of support and encouragement.
Spontaneous, individual messages from concerned individuals are valuable
and essential to management.  If you especially are a frequent flyer on
American, or have recently used American as your carrier, make a note.  That
is important to counter-act the impression that we are silent and
unconcerned when the vicious attacks are unleashed.

THE MEANS: E-Mail to this address:
or call personally to the American switchboard in Dallas at 817-963-1234,
then hit "0" and request the operator to send your caller comment to their
executive offices.  You should be able to reach an individual to whom you
may register your views.

Bob Witeck--

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