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27 Mar
The Comedian's Eye View of 03/28/97

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Subject: The Comedian's Eye View of 03/28/97

Excerpted-from: 03/28/97 -- ShopTalk

                        Friday March 28, 1997

     "One of my favorite looks is to wear a navy suit with my brown
      shoes, a very Ralph Lauren look. And I get letters all the time,
      saying, 'You are so stupid, you don't realize that you can't wear
      brown shoes with navy or gray suit -- you have to wear black shoes!'
      I feel like saying, 'Take a look in the magazines!'"
                             Unfairly maligned "Today" show anchor
                             Matt Lauer in InStyle  magazine

[Well, he did admit it was a Ralph Lauren look, didn't he?  -psl]


It Beats Plummeting in the Polls: Former President Bush fulfilled a World
War II promise to himself by parachuting from 12,500 feet over the Arizona
desert.  "I hope that former President Ford doesn't start doing this," says
Jeff Tipton.

"We're trying to imagine other presidents skydiving," says the Cutler Daily
Scoop.  "Carter would fly softly to earth without a parachute.  Reagan would
use a stuntman."

Clinton would land on a pile of soft money." (Stan Kaplan)

"This is a way to solve the Social Security shortfall- have seniors take up
skydiving."  (Tipton)

Post-Mortem: Ratings for the Academy Awards television show dropped to the
lowest level in a decade.  "Rumor has it the academy is exploring ways to
spice up the proceedings," says Mike Reeder.  "Of course, giving all the
Oscars to Sharon Stone might not be feasible."

In Other Movie News: Jim Carrey's hot new movie, "Liar Liar,' is about a
lawyer who is forced to be honest for 24 hours.  Says Argus Hamilton: "It
is being advertised as a comedy in Chicago, a fantasy in Los Angeles and a
disaster film in Washington, D.C."

The "Liar" star gets 10% of the profits.  "The funny part comes later - a
year from now when Universal's accountants tell Carrey's accountants that
the film just broke even."

Republican Rep. Peter King called Newt Gingrigh "road kill on the highway
of American politics."  Says the Scoop,, "There is nothing like being
disinvited to your own revolution."

"Hillary Clinton is enjoying herself on her trip to Africa," says Hamilton.
"Those talks with Eleanor Roosevelt really paid off.  After only a year,
Bill is in a wheelchair and Hillary is our goodwill ambassador."

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