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28 Mar
Protest Spectrum Giveaway

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 97 16:58:12 -0800
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Subject: Protest Spectrum Giveaway

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Join the protest at Hotel Pierre on 61st Street (between Fifth and Madison)
on Tuesday, April 1, noon-2pm. That's the site of the annual Big Picture
gathering of top media executives, including the chairmen and CEOs of Time
Warner, NBC and CBS. FCC Chairman Reed Hundt will also be there! They will
be discussing the fate of our public airwaves.  Since our voices can't be
heard on the inside, let them be heard on the outside!

On April 1st, Tell Them We Are No Fools!

There is a spectrum haunting America: the digital spectrum.

On April 1, the FCC is expected to turn over new frequencies on the
broadcast spectrum valued at $50 billion or more to the existing TV station
owners. For free. These airwaves belong to the American people, but
Washington politicians have decided to allow the FCC to surrender this
precious national resource -- asking nothing in return.

This is NOT an April's Fool's joke!  This is corporate welfare at its worst.

Although there is wide agreement among Americans that today's TV
broadcasters pollute the airwaves with mind-numbing violence, sensationalism
and sleaze, the FCC is ready to bestow yet more broadcasting power on these
same corporations. Only companies that currently hold a TV license -- like
Disney, General Electric, Westinghouse, Murdoch -- will be eligible to
receive the additional frequencies. The new spectrum makes it possible for
each current license holder to broadcast four or more channels in addition
to the current one.

Why not diversify the airwaves by diversifying control over these new

Disney, GE and the other media conglomerates already have abundant
communications power. Shouldn't some of the new spectrum be put to
non-commercial use? Shouldn't some of the new broadcasting power be
allocated to non-profit organizations, educational institutions and groups
representing workers, consumers or environmental concerns?

Make your voice heard in support of the principle that public interest
standards should determine who gets access to new broadcast channels.  Join
the Media & Democracy Congress and FAIR as we protest the giveaway on April
1 and write a letter to Reed Hundt, Chairman, FCC, 1919 M Street, NW,
Washington DC 20554.  You can also fax to 202-418-2801, or e-mail For more information, contact Jill Steinberg or Steve
Rendall at FAIR 212-633-6700, ext. 307.


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