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7 Apr
Inquiring clones want to know!

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Mon,  7 Apr 97 20:08:09 -0700
To: Fun_People
Subject: Inquiring clones want to know!

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    If the DNA bloody glove were cloned and produced a baby O.J. Simpson,
THEN could we get a guilty verdict?

    If we cloned Dolly Parton, would the clone be flat chested?  I bet
it would.

    Are the Pope and his clone BOTH infallible?  What if they disagree on

    Could you clone Alan Greenspan, or would it have to be living tissue?

    If Henry IV were cloned would he be Henry V or Henry IV Jr. or, wait...
Henry IV Part II?

    If the Hare Krishnas start cloning themselves, how will the rest of us
find out?

    If you cloned a prehistoric monster that destroyed Tokyo, wouldn't that
be like playing Godzilla?

    Would it work if I binged and my clone purged?

    If Michael Jackson were cloned, is it against the law for him to play
with himself as a child?

    Do clones taste like chicken?

    Would cloning cheapen and demean those penthouse 'twins' pictorials?

    Would there be a market for genetic "factory seconds" and "irregulars"?

    Should we clone Gen X'ers so there will be enough of them working to
support Social Security when I retire?  (Yes.)

    Would it be ethical to dig up the remains of our founding fathers,
create clones from the bone cells, and place them in a theme park called
"Clonial Williamsburg"?

    Is it true that if you clone yourself four times, one will be Chinese?

    So, say I secretly cloned Bill Gates and raised him to trust me utterly
and then killed Bill Gates and replaced him with the clone and then had the
clone make me his sole beneficiary and then I killed the clone.  Would it
be wrong to do this to Bill Gates?

    If Larry King clones himself and interviews himself on his show, wouldn't
that pretty much make nuclear war something we can all look forward to?

    If my clone had a sex change operation could I legally marry her? After
all, she'd have an irresistible dry wit.

    Would we want to keep a few ugly people around just, you know, to have
a few laughs?

    Could they clone Al Gore or would he have to be grafted?

    If cloning becomes readily available, will the bottom drop out of the
market for sperm donors?  How am I supposed to pay my bills?

    Some people might keep a clone of themselves in deep freeze for organ
transplants. How many Boris Yeltsins would be needed for an adequate supply
of livers?

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