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9 Apr
Washington DC - Lessons Learned

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Subject: Washington DC - Lessons Learned

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I recently attended a conference in Washington DC and I wanted to share a
few things I learned while on the trip.

 A large number of the trees in Washington were donated by other countries.
 The largest donator was China.

 Japan donated over 200 cherry trees.

 The trees in front of the capitol are Magnolia trees.

 Security guards around the White House do not know what Magnolia trees are.

 It isn't a good idea to see if you can grab the gun from the holster of a
 Capitol Guard before he can.

 The sales tax is 10%.

 You are not permitted to sit on the steps in the capitol.

 You are not permitted to take picture in the House and Senate chambers.

 Abraham Lincoln had things growing out of his face, that is probably why
 he grew a beard. (He kind of looked like Mort Downey Jr.)

 Zeus was never circumcised.

 The front door of the White House is too far from the front gate to reach
 with an egg.

 There are motion sensors hidden in the bushes of the White House.

 You can no longer walk up the step in the Washington Monument. People were
 chipping away at the stone to take home as souvenirs.

 When people visit the Vietnam Memorial they walk through quietly.

 Massachusetts's Street is Embassy Row.

 Teenage girls are in love with Bill Clinton (maybe it's a good idea to
 change the voting age back to 21).

 Women in DC really do carry Mace.

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