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9 Apr
WhiteBoardness - 4/9/97

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Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for Wednesday, April 09, 1997

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Madonna 101?

Fifty students have signed up for the latest pop culture course at the
University of Amsterdam: a 40-hour class examining just what makes pop star
Madonna tick.

"As a media phenomenon, she's really intriguing," student Monique Tolk, told
the De Telegraaf newspaper today.

The for-credit course examines Madonna's lyrics, voice and ventures into
film as well as her persona as a sex symbol, her religious beliefs - and
most of all her media presence.

Curious students say it's Madonna's media savvy - not her music - that has
drawn them to the class. Tolk, who's doing her doctorate on the singer with
the cone-shaped bra, said she prefers Sting.

"Even a college course about this megastar attracts massive press," music
professor Hannah Bosma remarked as Dutch television crews packed Hall 104
for Monday's debut lecture.

Stoke-on-Trent, England:

Two women playing in a match-play competition fired holes-in-one within
seconds of each other on the same hole, a feat British bookmakers listed at
a 100,000,000-1.

Officials at the Trentham Golf Course, located near this northwest English
town, said Tuesday that Jill Dyke and Suzan Toft pulled off the improbable
on the 116-yard fourth hole.

"Suzi went first, put the ball on the green and it ran down to the flag and
dropped in," said Dyke, 60, who has been playing for 28 years.

"I then saw my ball go in. We just couldn't believe it, we jumped around a
lot, it was quite exciting," added Dyke, who carries a 10 handicap.

British bookmakers Ladbrookes said the odds on such an achievement by two
amateur golfers was 100,000,000-1.

Baltimore, Maryland:

Bank robbers usually take the money and run.

Not Jeffrie Thomas, police said.

Thomas, 35, walked into a Signet Bank on Monday and handed a teller a note
demanding money.

When police arrived and asked which way did he go, employees pointed to a
man counting cash near a teller's station.

It was Thomas, adding up the take, police said. Thomas, who was unarmed,
was taken into custody.

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