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10 Apr
These are not the Droids...

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Subject: These are not the Droids...

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Kat stands up at the chalk line with a drink and says, "I heard this story
which I thought I would share after being reminded of it by someone's sig.
One day, there were four young men driving to an event.  They were going
pretty fast and got pulled over.  The driver was pretty worried about it
and the front seat passenger told him not to worry that he'd take care of
it.  When the officer came up to the car the passenger leaned over and said,
'These are not the droids you are looking for'.  To which the cop responded,
'These are not the droids I am looking for?' whereupon the passenger said,
'Yes, these are not the droids you are looking for'.  The officer went back
to his car and drove off.  The guys freaked out and drove at the speed limit
to the next exit where they got off and went into the local truck stop to
get a drink and chill out from having just experienced something *odd*.
While sitting and eating they heard someone at the next table talking to
the waitress about the kids they had pulled over.  This unknown went on to
relate the exact situation.  He said that he decided to play along since he
figured that would scare them into driving the speed limit more than a
regular ticket would.  So I give a toast to quick-thinking police officers

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