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16 Apr
Internet Index #18

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Subject: Internet Index #18

                               The Internet Index
                                   Number 18
                         Inspired by "Harper's Index"*
                 Compiled by Win Treese (
                                 16 April 1997

Number of hits on during the blizzard of 4/1/1997: 3,123,787

Number of priests in Catholic Priests On Line on AOL: 30

During 1996, percentage of 1-800-FLOWERS'S on-line sales that came via
	the web: 55
Percentage of on-line 1-800-FLOWERS customers who are male: 62

Percentage of Boston Public Library computers equipped with software to
	block offensive websites: 59

Estimated total Internet advertising revenues in 1996: $266.9 million
Percentage of total spent for advertising computer products: 38

Estimated number of new jobs created by the Internet in 1996, worldwide:
	1.1 million

Number of Internet millionaires listed on the Internet millionaires
	page: 88

Number of sites on the 6bone (the IPv6 testbed): 125
Number of countries on the 6bone: 20

Number of subscribers to the A.Word.A.Day mailing list: 68,355

Percentage of ads containing URLs in the first 20 pages of Good
	Housekeeping (March 1997): 54

Chrysler's estimate of the percentage of its sales on-line by 2001: 25
Percentage of its sales on-line in 1996: 1.5

Number of languages for the Vatican web site: 6

According to Nielsen, estimated percentage of people over 16 in the U.S.
	and Canada who use the Internet: 23

Number of mailing lists in the directory: 71,618

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