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22 Apr
Olympic Blvd quote

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 97 14:10:22 -0700
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Subject: Olympic Blvd quote

From: Joseph Goldstone <>

There's this building on Olympic that I pass every month or so; they have
the kind of marquee you usually see on Conroy's flower shops -- you know,
the ones that say "GET UR SWETHART 1 DOZ ROZEZ 2DAY" or somesuch garbage.
Except they actually put up interesting stuff.  Would that I could dredge
up the quote from the week Rabin was assasinated; it was a pretty amazing
quote from him just before he was taken out by someone who couldn't seem to
make peace with the idea of peace.  Anyway, I was biking back from a UCLA
class yesterday and this is what was up:

                     --SUSIE BRIGHT

I couldn't stand it any more, I had to see who was putting these up, so I
biked around until I found an entrance to the building.  It's an
architectural firm, mostly high-end residential, but they see this to some
extent as a way to finance more widely beneficial work.  Right now they're
doing a day-care center for LAX and an eco-friendly outdoor amphitheatre
for Tree People (up in that park at the top of Coldwater; if you don't know
it, check it out sometime).  Two principals, he looked late 30's, she mid
30's.  I have their card at home; they solicit quotes worth putting up for
view.  I'll send their address.

That's it; just had to communicate this for some reason.

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