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23 Apr
The Comedian's Eye View of 04/23/97

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Subject: The Comedian's Eye View of 04/23/97

Excerpted-from: 04/23/97 -- ShopTalk

                       Wednesday April 23, 1997

     "Jews don't drink too much -- it interferes with our suffering."

                             Milton Berle on "The Daily Show"


The Pat Robertson/Jerry Falwell-supported Media Research Council blasts the
"Ellen" coming-out episode as a "slap in the fact to American values."
"Ouch.  So morally, indignant, yet so comfortable with violent imagery."
(Daily Scoop)

Sammy "The Bull" Gravano admitted on "PrimeTime Live" that he murdered 19
people.  "The good news for ABC is, no sponsors pulled out of the program,"
says Jay Leno.  "It's not like Sammy admitted something really bad, like
being gay."

"Bizarre rocker Iggy Pop turned 50 on Monday," says Pearlstein.  "As is the
case with most aging rockers, he doesn't look a day over 80."

Pet Corner: "A scientist in Australia says he has developed a new drug that
is a tranquilizer for turtles," says Leno.  "Is that a problem for anyone?
Not being able to catch your turtle?"

Politics as Usual: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared on TV
and accused his political enemies of making false charges against him.
"He's well liked in Washington," says Argus Hamilton.  "President Clinton
phoned to offer his support and Bob Dole called and asked how much he needs."

"Commerce Department officials are red-faced over a $1.2 billion mistake in
understating US oil imports," says Mills.  "The blame was laid at the feet
of several new hires in the accounting department whose only previous
experience was with Hollywood studios."

"The May sweeps are coming up," says Alan Ray.  "There's new TV show about
President Clinton's war on crime: "Friends."

According to Newsweek, Bob Dole didn't tell wife Liddy about the $300,000
loan to Newt Gingrich.  "Bob said, 'Bob Dole made him do it.'" (Scoop)

Clinton and Vice President Al Gore made a cybervisit to elementary schools
via computer video link, and one child asked why Congress seems more
concerned with prisons than schools.  "Simple," says Jenny Church.
"Congressmen aren't sent to school."


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