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1 May
The Comedian's Eye View of 05/02/97

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Subject: The Comedian's Eye View of 05/02/97

Excerpted-from: 05/02/97 -- ShopTalk

                         Friday May 2, 1997

     "Mira [Sorvino], I decided, was a thousand times smarter than me.
      She speaks Chinese. She went to Harvard. Harvard is like rock and
      Vassar is scissors. Rock beats scissors. Harvard beats Vassar.
				- Vassar graduate Lisa Kudrow who co-stars
				  with Sorvino in "Romy and Michele's High
				  School Reunion"


Out at Last: "The audience breaks into cheers when Ellen admits she's gay,"
says the Cutler Daily Scoop.  "Executives at ABC broke into cheers when they
realized they had an audience."

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Defamation [?] said it mailed out hundreds of
"Come Out With Ellen" party kits, says Jay Leno.  "It's a sad day when
Americans can't just be gay on their own.  You have to have a kit."

A survey says that 46% of respondents say there are now too many gay
portrayals on TV, says the Daily Scoop.  "That figures drops to 10% among
people who've seen 'Men Behaving Badly.'"

"I'm glad the 'Ellen' episode about love is over," says Bob Thomas.  "Now
the juvenile jokes, the lewd innuendoes, the gratuitous violence, the sex
scenes can again take their prominent place on network television."

Business Beat: RJ Reynolds is appealing a U.S. judge's ruling that tobacco
is a drug.  "Of course cigarettes aren't addictive," says Hamilton.
"They're therapeutic.  Every 20 minutes, a cigarette will keep your hands
from trembling."

New in Scouting: Boy Scout Chief Executive Jere Ratcliffe was stopped for
trying to take a loaded gun aboard a plane in Miami.  "He must have been in
the Boy Scout militia movement," says Johnny Robish.

"Authorities believe he just forgot it was there in his carry-on luggage,"
says the Funny Firm.  "But, his troop was the best behaved officials had
ever seen."

"Ratcliffe received a merit badge from the NRA." (Daily Scoop)

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