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3 May
WhiteBoardness - 5/2/97

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Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for Friday, May 02, 1997

Erie, Pennsylvania:

At age 40, Debbie Mizikowski has been a competitive skier, cyclist, laborer
and construction worker. She can now add "Hooters Girl" to the resume.

"It's the same kind of feeling because I'll be in the public eye," said
Mizikowski, who took the part-time job as a waitress after a friend was

The Hooters restaurant chain is known for waitresses who wear tight, orange
running shorts and low-cut tank tops.

"It's the first job I've ever had where I can wear my hair down and use
makeup and do my nails," she said.  "My first table I waited on, a guy told
me I have beautiful eyes. That made me feel good."

Mizikowski believes she is the oldest Hooters waitress.  The Atlanta-based
company said it does not keep track of such statistics.

Mizikowski's 9-year-old daughter has a T-shirt that reads "Future Hooters

Seattle, Washington:

A gunfight with bank robbers caused six police officers emotional distress,
so they're suing the bad guys for damages.

The lawsuit names the estate of William Scott Scurlock, who died of an
apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound the day after the robbery, and his
accomplices, Steve Paul Meyers, 47, and Mark John Biggins, 42.

Meyers and Biggins, arrested in the early stages of the Nov. 27 shootout in
a North Seattle neighborhood, pleaded guilty to federal bank-robbery charges
in the $1 million heist. The loot was recovered and sentencing was set for
May 12.

The lawsuit, filed last week by six members of the Puget Sound Violent Crime
Task Force, alleges "extreme and outrageous" behavior by the robbers.

"They are not doing this for the money," attorney Lincoln Sieler, who
represents the plaintiffs, said Wednesday. The suit seeks unspecified

[This gunfight took place 2 blocks from my house and I kinda wandered  
through the epicenter on my way to the store...  It weirded me out.  Do I get  
a cut?  -psl]

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