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5 May
The Comedian's Eye View of 05/06/97

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Subject: The Comedian's Eye View of 05/06/97

Excerpted-from: 05/06/97 -- ShopTalk

                         Tuesday May 6, 1997

"We're trying to find projects that fit my acting range -- from A to B.
Obviously, we're looking for smart, suspense films, because those are the
ones that make the studio money."
		- Actor George Clooney's clear-eyed view of his career path


Celebs In The News:  Actor Martin Sheen was arrested last week with seven
other protesters for blocking the entrance to a strawberry farm.  "If Martin
Sheen keeps this up, he'll have a rap sheet longer than, say...Charlie
Sheen," says the Funny Farm.

"Larry King has bought his latest girlfriend a ring," says Alan Ray.  "He
gave her his standard wedding proposal -- 'Got a Minute?'"

"Dennis Rodman's new book says he wants to legally change is name to
'Orgasm,'" says Jay Leno. "His last name will be 'Look, I'll Call You

"The Tony nominations are out.  In "Victor, Victoria", Julie Andrews is a
woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman.  While she may not
win, she will catch the eye of Eddie Murphy." (Ray)

Boxer Riddick Bowe has retired.  "He'll produce a TV show about his career
in the Marines -- '60 Minutes.'" (Ray)

Dateline Washington:  The FDR memorial was dedicated. "The only thing we
have to fear is fear itself...and the DC police." The Daily Scoop.

Bob Dole's dog, Leader, is being paid $5,000 to appear in a Ralston Purina
calendar of celebrity dogs. "Newt Gingrich immediately borrowed the money."
(Jerry Perisho)

"Bob Dole started his new job at a Washington law firm," says Leno.  "How
does that work anyway? When you start a new job at 73, what are you -- two,
three weeks away from retirement?"

California is considering a repeal of its motorcycle helmet law. Says Bill
Maher, "if you have the right to smoke, eat red meat and fly Continental,
you should have the right not to wear a motorcycle helmet."

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