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9 May
A "Safe" Death

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Subject: A "Safe" Death

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A man was having serious medical problems and had an appointment to see his
doctor.  He was so distraught over the likely possibility of bad news that
he asked his son to go along with him.

Sure enough, the doctor announced that the man had terminal cancer and had
only a short time to live.  Needless to say, he was devastated.  Finally
the son consoled him enough to leave the office and they decided to go to
the local tavern and bury their sorrows in alcohol.

When they entered the bar, all the man's friends were there.  They saw how
bad he looked and one pal commented, "It looks like you just saw the grim
reaper!"  The man replied, "Yeah, I just saw my doctor and I've got AIDS."

Astonished, the son pulled his dad over to the side and said, "Dad, I was
with you at the doctor's office and he said that you have terminal cancer,
not AIDS." To which the man replied, "I know that, but I don't want any of
those bastard's getting in your mother's bed after I'm dead!!!!!!"

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