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22 May
The Comedian's Eye View of 05/22/97

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Subject: The Comedian's Eye View of 05/22/97

Excerpted-from: 05/22/97 -- ShopTalk

                         Thursday May 22, 1997

  "Rick Pitino will be moving from Kentucky, where they date their cousins,
   to New England, where they date their babysitters."

				Craig Kilborn, On "The Daily Show"


Television as Usual: "Jamie and Paul have their baby on 'Mad About You.'
We were so excited.  Would it be a boy?  Would it be a girl? Will it turn
up next season as a 5-year-old like on other TV series?" (Cutler Daily

"Roseanne" aired its final episode. "It's gonna be hard to say goodbye to
Roseanne, Dan, D.J., Darlene, Becky...the other Becky."  (Daily Scoop)

"A second news anchor resigned at the Chicago TV station where Jerry
Springer was briefly hired.  Already, the empty news desk is winning praise
as an improvement." (Bob Harris)

"'Beverly Hills, 90210' has been renewed," says Alex Kaseberg.  "Next year,
it will be titled 'Beverly Hills, 90210- The Golden Years.'"

In the Tabloids: The Globe's editor said his paper didn't' want to print
those photos of Frank Gifford embracing a flight attendant in a hotel, but
his hand was forced, said Jay Leno.  "And you know how much the Globe hates
that kind of racy, salacious material.  Normally they're covering the big
economic summit in Iceland."

"Now we know why those New York hotels are so expensive.  You have to factor
in the cost of hidden video cameras."  (Russ Myers)

"Sportscasters will tell you the TV announcing business is tough.  The
quarrels, the harassment, the back-biting.  And that's just in Marv Albert's
hotel room." (Alan Ray)

"Getting caught in a motel with another woman has changed Frank Gifford.
It's given him a new perspective on life.  He's now more than ever against
instant replay." (Ray)

And in other sex scandals, Air Force Lt. Kelly Flinn is asking for an
honorable discharge in an attempt to avoid a court-martial on adultery and
other charges.  "She said, Look, court will take forever and I've got a
made-for-TV deal I got to get to work on.'" (Brian J. Hill)

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