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28 May
Murdoch "Humantitarian of the Year?"

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Date: Wed, 28 May 97 21:17:20 -0700
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Subject: Murdoch "Humantitarian of the Year?"

[Well, it sounds kinda funny to me...  -psl]

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For Immediate Release:   Contact: Jill Steinberg, (212) 582-9776
May 28, 1997

Groups to Demonstrate at Awards Gala

In an apparent attempt to push the English language to the
Orwellian breaking point, the United Jewish Appeal-Federation has
decided to present its "Humanitarian of the Year" award to Rupert
Murdoch at a May 29th banquet in New York City. Ensuring that the
surreal quality of the evening is not missed the UJA has chosen
Henry Kissinger to present the award to Mr. Murdoch.

The above "newsflash" is not a sick joke. It's actually true! Henry
Kissinger will indeed present UJA's "Humanitarian of the Year"
award to Murdoch. What was the UJA thinking when they decided to
bestow this honor on Mr. Murdoch? A coalition concerned with human
rights is calling attention to the UJA's choice and will be outside
the posh Waldorf-Astoria protesting the event on May 29th. One
demonstration organizer, Jill Steinberg, asked, "I'd like to know
what the UJA's criteria was for this award, with legions of
volunteers acting in the spirit of tikkun olam every day, why

Why We Are Demonstrating:

**  When Deng said "Jump!" Murdoch asked "How high?"  In 1995 Murdoch's
Asian-based satellite network Star TV was still carrying BBC broadcasts.
When Deng's government complained about BBC stories which focused on China's
dismal human rights record, Murdoch kowtowed, dropping BBC from Star TV.
* In Britain, Murdoch attempted to drive The Independent, a daily
newspaper, out of business through monopolistic maneuvers. His efforts to
destroy the print unions are well documented in the British press.
* In the US, in addition to monopolistic machinations, Murdoch is credited
with leading the way in abolishing the 'children's hour' on TV, replacing
it with salacious or violent programming. Indeed, Murdoch's Fox is not above
airing 'snuff TV' such as "World's Scariest Police Shootouts," where
viewers, young and old, may watch a pageant of death -- simply for the sake
of the violent spectacle -- from the comfort of their homes.

**  Henry Kissinger's policies led directly to violations of human rights-and
massive bloodshed-in Cambodia, Tibet, East Timor, Chile, Bosnia and many
other countries. In 1989, just days after the crackdown on students and
workers in Tiananmen Square, Kissinger defended the Chinese government's
murderous actions in an article in the Washington Post. Later, the Wall
Street Journal revealed Kissinger had extensive business dealings with the
Chinese government and with clients interested in doing business in China.


Students for A Free Tibet
Jews Against Genocide
NY Committee to Save Bosnia
East Timor Action Network
New York Free Media Alliance Organizers

At the UJA Awards Dinner
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
(Park Avenue and 50th Street)
Thursday, May 29th, 1997
5:30 PM

                            War is Not Peace
                         Freedom is Not Slavery
                & Rupert Murdoch is Not a Humanitarian

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