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1 Jun
Marvin Nicknames & the $100 Tattoo

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Subject: Marvin Nicknames & the $100 Tattoo

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Three southern belles are sitting on the verandah and discover that they
are all married to men named Marvin. They decide to nickname their Marvins
after soda pop so that they can tell them apart. The first southern belle
says "I'm going to name my Marvin Mountain Dew, because he comes from the
mountains and he likes to do, do, do it all the time." The second southern
belle says, "I'm going to name my Marvin 7 UP, because it's seven inches
long, and it's always up!". The third southern belle announces that she's
going to name her Marvin Jack Daniels. "You can't name your Marvin Jack
Daniels!  That's not a soda pop, that's a hard liquor!"  That's My Marvin!

This guy walked into a tattoo parlor and asked to have a $100 bill tattooed
on his privates. The artist asked, "Why would you want something like that?"
"Well," said the guy, "I like to play with my money and watch it grow. But
mostly, the next time my wife wants to blow $100, she can do it at home!

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