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31 Aug
Compaq and Tandem combine to form a new company!

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 97 22:31:52 -0700
To: Fun_People
Subject: Compaq and Tandem combine to form a new company!

Forwarded-by: Keith Bostic <>
Forwarded-by: "B. W. Fitzpatrick" <>

In a $3-billion stock swap, Compaq Computer -- best known as a personal
computer company -- is buying Tandem Computers, a manufacturer of large
"fault-tolerant" computer systems deliberately built with redundant
components so that they can survive hard disk crashes, power failures, or
other major disruptions.  Compaq Chief Executive Eckardt Pfeiffer says:
"It just happened, like two people falling in love. Neither one knows who
starts it."  Tandem will become a subsidiary of Compaq, and no staff
reductions or relocations are expected.  Compaq is located in Houston,
Texas, and Tandem is located in Cupertino, California.  The combined
company is expected to be a major player in the world computer market.
(San Jose Mercury News 24 Jun 97)

[So?  What everyone wants to know is whether the new company will be "CONDOM"  
or "TAMPAQ"...?   -psl]

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