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1 Sep
Hanky-Panky Color Code

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Mon,  1 Sep 97 13:18:41 -0700
To: Fun_People
Subject: Hanky-Panky Color Code

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[One day when I had a cold I was walking around with a red hankercheif
 in my right pants pocket.  Wendy suggested I might move it to the
 left unless that was what I really wanted.  The URL has sample colors.]

	Hanky Color Code

Light blue		Wants head			Expert cocksucker
Robin's egg blue	69 - er				69 - ee
Medium blue		Cop				Cop - sucker
Navy blue		Fucker				Fuckee
Teal blue		Cock and ball torturer		Cock and ball torturee
Light pink		Dildo fucker			Dildo fuckee
Dark pink		Tit torturer			Tit torturee
Magenta			Wants armpit sucker		Armpit freak
Lavender		Likes drag			Drag Queen
Mauve			Into navel worshippers		Has navel fetish
Purple			Piercer				Piercee
Yellow			Pisser				Piss freak
Pale yellow		Spits				Drool crazy
Mustard			Well Hung			Size Queen
Gold			Couple looking for one		One looking for 3-some
Orange			Anything anytime		Anything anytime
Apricot			Chubby				Chubby chaser
Red			Fist fucker			Fist fuckee
Coral			Suck my toes			Toes Worshipper
Fuschia			Spanker				Spankee
Rust			As cowboy			Ride me
Kelly green		Hustler				Willing to pay
Olive green		Military top			Military bottom
Hunter green		Daddy				Hunting for daddy
Beige			Rimmer				Rimmee
Brown			Scat top			Scat bottom
Black			Heavy S/M top			Heavy S/M bottom
Grey			Bondage top			Bondage bottom
Charcoal		Latex fetish top		Latex fetish bottom
Leopard			Has tattoos			Likes Tattoos
Black / white stripes	Likes black bottoms		Likes black tops
Brown / white stripes	Likes latino bottoms		Likes latino tops
Yellow / white stripes	Likes oriental bottoms		Likes oriental tops
Red / white stripes	Shaver				Shavee

[Whew!  All the things you have to keep track of to be a modern, hip, urban  
gay guy... well, at least in modern, hip, urban gay guy areas.  And what if  
you're really opinionated?  Do you wear 34 carefully-placed hankerchiefs?  And  
worse yet, what if you're color blind?  You could really send the wrong  
message if you confused, say, beige with mustard, or apricot with coral...   
Yow!  -psl]

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