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3 Sep

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Wed,  3 Sep 97 11:43:15 -0700
To: Fun_People
Subject: The XH Chronicles - LAPDANCING WITH A LAPTOP?

From: Xaviera Hollander <>


Amsterdam, september 1997
Had a great time in Scotland for about 3 weeks, while attending The Festival
of the Arts in Edinburgh.  I was soon after my arrival joined by John
Drummond, who drove in from London, where he had purchased a damned cheap
but well working mini, which he eventually transported back to Spain.  It
is John who taught me how to appreciate those small Mini Coopers, in the
days that I was still after status and preferred BMWs.  Now it is Peugeot
for the long journeys and mini for towns and shopping sprees...  We enjoyed
really summery temperatures and dry and sunny. (which is highly unusual for
that country in August).
We went about selecting our programs quite carefully and were hardly ever
disappointed in any of the events I went to see.  While in Edinburgh, I was
approached by phone by a major Dutch TV production company with a terrific
job offer, working for a German/Dutch co-production as a technical
advisor/co-writer and idea-person for a massive and year long TV soap about
an elegant bordello in Germany.  My Internet partner and good friend Li as
well as my lesbian ladybug Dia might both have to join me, as it looks as
if we will need a close team to decide upon alteration and rewrites of the
scripts.  It will most likely also mean that both Li as well as I will have
to do some extensive travelling back and forth to Germany.  Cologne is where
the headquarters are and the filming should commence in march.  Cologne by
the way brings back frond memories of my youth as it is the city where my
mom comes from and I remember vividly how I used to visit my grandparents
shortly after the war.  So helas, probably this all will stop me from making
too many lengthy travels back and forth to Spain/Amsterdam/Mexico or
Scotland....  It is a very responsible and most of all time consuming
precision job and hopefully well paid.  I have one of the best entertainment
agents/lawyers on my side, a nice Jewish fellow : Rob Swaab and will know
more within the next week.
John and I had a great time together in Edinburg; he is showing at last some
respect and gratitude and we generally got along famously.  Old love never
dies.  We have now (after knowing each other for almost 18 years) reached
the time in our lives, that we should be most appreciative of the few good
and profound friends we have and avoid trying to hurt one another.  Mind
you, I have known the pangs of pain of that relationship for many years,
but had always hoped it would turn around to THIS; a mature sharing and
caring friendship.
Until we next communicate.... love Xaviera

Xaviera Hollander

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