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4 Sep
Re: You may tell someone about this.

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From: "Joshua W. Burton" <>

Nick Caruso <> writes:

> Space, it ends. Space does not go on forever. Space is in a three
> dimensional form. It moves but does not have gravity. Space moves
> ... <SNIP>
> And that is the understanding of the universe. Glory be to the
> Father the Son and the Holy Ghost. Revelation chapter 10 & 11; 15 -
> 19.  It is very important the people receive this information. You
> may tell someone about this.

Sigh.  This stuff was funny for the first couple of years after I started
doing particle physics---actually, this one is pretty sedate, as the genre
goes.  For some reason, the unsung Galileos never seem to come pestering
specialists with eccentric new theories of magnetohydrodynamics or nonlinear
optics...but if you've ever published a paper with the words "quantum" or
"relativity" in the, out of the woodwork.

Here's a random example that crossed my desk not too long ago, printed at
enormous expense in a 4-color heavily-illustrated perfect-bound volume....

  MEGADIMENSIONAL COSMOLOGY:  world of Universes, meaning:  Universes of ``n''
  dimensions to the n^th power and, in every dimensional subset there are
  1 x 10^n number of each, multiplied by *super time* (T_s).

  D - Domain:  the symbol D is called _Domain_ and means a Universal bound
  entity, or a bound entity that is separate and apart from other bound
  entities.  A Priori requirement is:  the speed of light motion of its
  energy, radially outward for Universes and radially inward for mass as
  measured in its own Domain.  The consequence of this motion creates
  *Vacuum Geometry* of a contracted event horizon nature, i.e., Planck's
  length thick (shell) in direction of travel (time) in our Universe.

  Mass-time translator (\Pi), constant of proportion in Time-split mechanics
  equals time charge spacer (\Upsilon) divided by the mass of the electron
  (m_e^-) plus the mass of the proton (m_e^+), as time charge spacer with
  two-dimensional length charge spacer value, and is equivalent to Compton
  Wavelength of Electron.  Split space (1/2^.), meaning:  one sided, such
  that 1/2^. x 1/2^. = 1^., or the split space is the square root of its
  non split value.

That's half of page 1, of 226.  About there he gets into the equations, and
I find the argument difficult to follow from that point.

 `Throw physic to the dogs; |==================================================
I'll none of it.'           | Joshua W Burton   (847)677-3902
        -- Macbeth, V.iii.  |==================================================

[I understand that mathematicians get this, too, though now that
 Fermat's Last is properly a theorem, the load may be decreased.

 Underwood Dudley has a marvellous book, published by the Math. Assoc.
 of America, that looks at the different classes of mathematical
 cranks (he has another book specifically on angle-trisectors).

 As I recall, they tended to break down into:

	- pre-Wiles proofs of Fermat's Last Theorem (probably a dying
	  breed, now)
	- proofs of the four color conjecture (fell off in the late
	  seventies after those fellows and their computer at
	  Champaign-Urbana ground out a proof).
	- Angle trisectors
	- proponents of alternative numbering systems (e.g., those
	  people who argue (forcefully) that we should switch to base
	- Axiomatic derivers of Divine Truths.

 One of his case-studies sued him, though I think the MAA finally came
 to his legal aid.

 --- dm]

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