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9 Sep
Bizarre News - Noisy Sex, Higher Power, Dangerous Occupation, etc.

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Subject: Bizarre News - Noisy Sex, Higher Power, Dangerous Occupation, etc.

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WARENDORF, Germany (08-19, AFP) - Angry neighbors have taken legal action
against a German couple accused of making too much noise while having sex.
A court ordered the couple to stop the screaming and moaning while making
love, or face the consequences. Further violations of the court order may
result in a $280,000 fine and/or two years in prison.


AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (08-20, Reuter) - A Dutch church announced plans to
sell quality heroin to addicts.  Protestant Minister Hans Visser of
Rotterdam decided to start the program on a local level after his national
scheme proposal did not raise enough political interest. Visser had already
found drug dealers willing to sell heroin to the church at a discount.  "It
is the best (heroin) that's for sale, abroad as well," Visser said.  "If I
ask permission it will not be granted. I expect I will be having a chat with
justice officials."


MILWAUKEE (08-19, AP) - A robber was arrested at a local hospital while
seeking treatment for injuries caused by a couple in their 70s.  The
34-year-old man broke into the couple's residence and demanded money from
the 72-year-old woman. She probably didn't like his tone of voice because
she responded by whacking him upside the head with a coffee mug.  Without
giving the robber a chance to recover, the woman's 77-year -old husband
stabbed him with a pocket knife.  Realizing the elderly couple had the
advantage, the intruder left and sought medical attention for a stab wound
to the abdomen.


NORTHPORT, Ala. (08-22, AP) - Frankie and Carolyn Ash were shocked and
amazed as they witnessed their own son robbing the convenience store they
were just departing.  David Ash, 21, did not notice his parents as he rushed
inside the store.  "The father thought the son had to go to the bathroom or
something," said Sgt. Kevin Leib. "His mother then looked in and saw him
with a knife behind the counter." The couple watched in amazement as their
son drove off in his truck.  Young David experienced more trouble when his
getaway vehicle broke down and called his parents for help. They talked him
into surrendering to authorities.


* A shopper at a Johannesburg store complained the mannequin placed face down  
on a bed is in bad taste. It turns out there was no mannequin. A worker  
collapsed and died three days earlier.

* Ethiopian police arrested 12 monks for growing and selling cannabis at the  
Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

* A 15-year-old British girl is expecting a baby fathered by an
11-year-old boy. Emma Webster said the boy lied about his age.

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