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11 Sep
Internet Index #19 - 9/10/97

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Subject: Internet Index #19 - 9/10/97

                               The Internet Index
                                   Number 19
                         Inspired by "Harper's Index"*
                 Compiled by Win Treese (
                               10 September 1997

Number of delinquent taxpayers listed on the Web page of the Connecticut
  Department of Revenue Services: 100
	Source: _Connecticut Dept. of Revenue Services_
Estimated percentage decrease in the number of delinquent taxpayers since
  the Website went online: 30
	Source: Wall Street Journal, 3 Sept. 1997

According to Boardwatch Magazine, approximate number of Internet Service
  Providers (ISPs) in the U.S. and Canada, in August, 1997: 4,133
Number of ISPs listed by Boardwatch in February, 1996: 1,447
	Source: _Web Week, August 25, 1997_

Amount of venture capital investments in Internet companies during the
  second quarter of 1997, in millions of dollars: 561.5
Number of companies receiving the money: 111
	Source: _Web Week, August 25, 1997_

Number of Internet-related job titles in the new proposed edition of the
  Standard Occupational Categories of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: 0
Number of occupations listed: 795
	Source: _Web Week, August 4, 1997_

Number of Americans who consider the Internet "indispensable," in millions: 20
	Source: _Find/SVP 1997 American Internet User Survey_

Percentage difference in time spent on the Web by business users over home
  users: 65
	Source: _Media Matrix, July 14, 1997_

Rank of censorship among users concerned about issues facing the Internet: 1
	Source: _GVU's 7th WWW User Survey_

Percentage of U.S. Internet users identifying themselves as Republicans: 34
	Source: _GVU's 7th WWW User Survey_

Rank of Internet security among accountant's top technology concerns for
  1997: 1
	Source: CFO Magazine, April, 1997

By the year 2000, estimated percentage of Internet commerce related to
  travel: 41
	Source: _Jupiter Communications_,
	 as reported in Mobile Computing & Communications, April, 1997

Estimated number of e-mail messages that will be sent in the year 1997,
  in trillions: 2.7
Estimated number of e-mail messages that will be sent in the year 2000,
  in trillions: 6.9
	Source: Web Week, April 28, 1997,
	 citing the Electronic Messaging Association

Estimated amount spent by end-users on Internet and Intranet products in
  1996, in billions of dollars: 19
	Source: Information & Interactive Services Report, May 2, 1997,
	 citing International Data Corp.

Number of subscribers to the Internet Index mailing list, Aug, 1994: 213
Number of subscribers to the Internet Index mailing list, Sep, 1997: 10,118

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