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16 Sep

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    St. Peter is tired of standing at the pearly gates and giving or
denying access to Heaven, so he notices Jesus walking by and asks him
to watch the front desk for a bit.  Jesus says he'd be happy to.
    In a little bit an old man comes up to the desk very slowly.  Jesus
takes out form 85-A/j and starts getting the information.
    "I'm looking for my son." the old man says.  "And who are you?" says
Jesus.  "I'm his Father; well ... not really." says the man.  "Where are
you from?"  The old man says he was from the Mediterranean Sea area.  "What
did you do in life?"  "I was a carpenter," he replies.  Jesus smiles because
this is a profession he can relate to.  "Did you have many children?" he
asks kindly.  The old man says, "No, just one son, and he was unlike any
other child on earth."
    Jesus looks closely at the old man and asks, "Did anything unusual occur
the night he came to you?"  "Oh yes," the old man says, "There was this
incredibly brilliant star in the sky that lit up all the heavens."  "And
does your son have holes in his hands and feet?" asks Jesus excitedly.  "He
does!" shouts the man.  Jesus puts down the 85-A/j form and holds out his
hands, "Father!"  The old man looks at Jesus with a mixture of joy and
confusion on his face and asks, "Pinocchio??"

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