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19 Sep
Bad boys have big balls.

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Subject: Bad boys have big balls.

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LONDON, Sept 11 (AFP) - Men with large testicles are more likely to be
unfaithful according to a study reported in several newspapers here

"Bad boys have big balls," Mark Ferguson of Manchester University was quoted
as saying by The Times at the annual conference of the British Association
for the Advancement of Science at Leeds University in the north of England.

Robin Baker, also of Manchester University, explained to the conference how
eight years of research involving 80 students and a pair of callipers had
shown that all 12 volunteers who had been unfaithful had larger testes.

Baker said testicle measurements varied from eight cubic centimeters -- he
conceded may have been an error -- to 52.  The average was 24.

His thesis, he said, was backed by nature: the gorilla, which mates for
life, has tiny testes, while the promiscuous chimpanzee has large ones.
Baker suggested man was somewhere in between.

Baker added that as far as procreation went, both the promiscuous and
faithful approach worked: while the promiscuous produced more babies, they
were not around to bring up children, unlike the faithful, whose offspring
consequently had a higher chance of survival.

[For those of you digging out your calipers, note that a perfect sphere with  
a volume of 8cc would have a diameter of 2.48cm (0.98").  Similarly, a 24cc  
sphere would have a 3.58cm (1.41") diameter and a 52cc sphere would have a  
4.63cm (1.82") diameter.  But also note that a football-shaped testicle with a  
volume of 24cc might be  5.7cm x 2.8cm x 2.8cm  or  2.24" x 1.1" x 1.1"  so  
an average length is probably 2 1/4 inches.  -psl]

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