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22 Sep
The Green Computer

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 97 13:50:15 -0700
To: Fun_People
Subject: The Green Computer

Forwarded-by: Nev Dull <>
From: "Carolyn P. Meinel" <>

The Green Computer
	-- Adapted from Ginzburg's Green Automobile

If I had a Green Computer
	I'd go find my old companion
	at his Unix box on Sprintnet.
		Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

I'd run Probe at his manly ports,
	inside his Web server and three other services
	sprawl naked
		on the Unix box floor.

He'd come running out
	to my box full of heroic haxor 'sploits
	and jump screaming at the console
		for he is the greatest hacker.

We'd pilgrimage to the highest firewall
	of our earlier .mil domain visions
	laughing in each other's arms,
		delight surpassing the highest port numbers,

and after old agony, drunk with new years,
	bounding toward the comsat links
	blasting .mil ports with original 'sploits
		hot rod in the .mil domain

we'd batter up the obscurest port numbers
	where angels of anxiety
	careen through the Internet
		and scream from computers.

We'd burn all night on the jackpine peak
	seen from traceroute in the electron dark,
	forestlike unnatural radiance
		illuminating the Internet:

childhood youth time age & eternity
	would open like directories
	on the disk of a hacked box
		and dumbfound us with files,

for we can see together
	the beauty of stolen files
	hidden like diamonds
		in the clock of the world,

like Chinese magicians can
	confound the mortals
	with our 31337ness
		hidden in the packets,

from the Green Computer
	which I have invented
	imagined and envisioned
		on the roads of the world

more real than the engine
	on a track in the desert
	purer than Greyhound and
		swifter than physical jetplane.

Iway! Iway! we'll return
	roaring across the City & County Building website
	which catches the pure emerald flame
		streaming in the wake of our 'puter.

This time we'll hack the entire city!
	I cashed a great check in my skull bank
	to found a miraculous college of the Net
		up on the console keyboard.

But first we'll hack the boxes of downtown,
	sendmail netstat finger POP
	webserver down ftp
		to the darkest daemons of WinNT

paying respects to Internet's father
	lost on WWMCCS
	stupor of ARPAnet and UUCP
		hallowing the slum of his decades,

salute him and his saintly suitcase
	of outdated RFCs, telnet
	and smash the sweet protocols
		on PDPs in allegiance.

Then we go scanning drunk on routers
	where DNS queries march and still parade
	staggering under the invisible
		banner of Internic--

hurtling through the fiber
	in the 'puter of our fate
	we share an archangelic Jolt
		and tell each other's fortunes:

fames of supernatural illumination,
	bleak lagged gaps of time,
	great art learned of desolation
		and we beat apart after cracking six boxes....

and on a fiber crossroad,
	deal with each other in princely
	IRC once more, recalling
		famous dead talks of other servers.

So this Green Computer:
	I give you in flight
	a present, a present
		from my imagination.

We will go hacking
	over the Iway,
	we'll go on hacking
		all night long until dawn,

Then back to your Web design business,
	your Web server and three other services
	and broken leg destiny
		you'll write html

in the morning: and back
	to my visions, my office
	and writing a book about Real Hackers
		I'll return to Cedar Crest.

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