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Weirdness [494] - 25Jul97

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Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.494 (News of the Weird, July 25, 1997)
		by Chuck Shepherd

* Explaining his "no" vote on a bill to ban discrimination against gays in
the California legislature in June, Assemblyman-rancher Peter Frusetta told
his colleagues, "I've seen thousands and thousands of [heifers and probably]
three, and maybe at the top, four, that had the hormonal imbalance . . .
that makes them shy away from bulls and take up with other heifers.  But
they are rare.  And it's a very unnatural thing."  Frusetta's side won.
And in June, a Helena, Montana, sheep researcher said her work over the last
10 years reveals that about 10 percent of rams are homosexual and that such
sexual orientation appears linked to brain structures that regulate

* Minneapolis firefighter Gerald Brown, 55, who was fired in 1995 for abuse
of sick leave but who won a grievance hearing before a state arbitrator and
was reinstated with 18 months' back pay, was scheduled to return to work on
June 2.  He called in sick.

* Ray David Talley, 31, was sentenced to six months in jail in Nashville,
Tenn., in March for placing a 20-foot metal ladder onto two different
tracks, intending for trains to hit it.  CSX railroad police saw him do it,
however, removed the ladder before a catastrophe could be created, and asked
Talley what he was up to.  Talley allegedly told them that he had stolen
the ladder, found it unwieldy, and intended for a passing train to make two
10-foot ladders.

* At a public South Carolina Board of Education meeting in May, board member
Henry Jordan, 52, was arguing for the right of students to post the Ten
Commandments in public schools when opponents told him it might offend those
of other religions.  According to a tape recording of the meeting obtained
by the Columbia State newspaper, Jordan then said, "Screw the Buddhists,
and kill the Muslims.  Put that in the minutes."  Explaining his comments
a few days later, Jordan said, "Both of those religions aren't really
religions.  They're cults, if you define a cult as someone who worships
someone other than Jesus Christ."
[Ah!  That explains a lot...  -psl]

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