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26 Sep
Weirdness [495] - 1Aug97

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Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.495 (News of the Weird, August 1, 1997)
		by Chuck Shepherd

* Bennie Casson filed a $100,000 lawsuit in Belleville, Ill., in July
against PT's Show Club in nearby Sauget for its negligence in allowing a
stripper to "slam" her breasts into his "neck and head region" without
consent as he watched her perform.  Dancer Susan Sykes (aka "Busty Heart")
claims show business's biggest chest (88 inches), which Casson said was
responsible for his "bruised, contused, lacerated" neck.

* In March, the First Baptist Church of Berryville, Ark., closed its
day-care center, declaring its purpose inconsistent with the teachings of
the Bible.  (Working mothers wouldn't have to work, said the Church, if they
did without "big TV's, a microwave, new clothes, eating out, and nice
vacations.")  And in May, the chief of the Ekhupeleni area in northern
Swaziland banned the use of condoms, citing the teachings of the Bible on
the waste of reproductive fluids.  (He said contraceptive pills are okay.)

* Driver Anthony Lowe, 16, allegedly rammed a Winston-Salem, N.C., utility
pole in February, cut it in half, and knocked out power to 7,000 customers,
including an old-folks' home, just as a sleetstorm began.  News photos at
the scene revealed a clearly pleased-with-himself Lowe, who suggested a
headline for a reporter ("Anthony 1, Telephone Pole 0").  Lowe had had his
driver's license for less than three weeks and told police he "wasn't really
paying attention" as he drove.  When informed of the power outages, Lowe
and his passenger allegedly responded, in unison, "Cool!"

* According to a May Advertising Age report, the rock group Motley Crue is
promoting its latest album with a bright-blue- colored soft drink, Motley
Brue, among whose characteristics is that it leaves both the drinker's
mouth, and any contemporaneous excrement, blue.  The independent soft-drink
company Eat Me Now says the beverage is "for people who are done with the
whole drugs and alcohol thing, but still want to have fun."

* One day apart in June in Stafford County, Va., two husbands were charged
with beating their wives during channel-changing disputes.  Joseph W.
During, 20, was charged with assault for punching his wife for changing
radio stations in the car, and Edgar D. Colvin, 49, was charged with assault
for roughing up his wife, who had commandeered the remote control and
changed channels with two minutes left during Game 5 of the NBA championship

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